Boise River Park - Garden City, ID

Current Conditions:

Surf/Kayak: SURF

Curent flow:

284 cfs


overcast clouds, 31 ℉


The Boise River park is a public park owned and operated by the city of Boise. The centerpiece is the wave created by the WaveShaper - a set of metal plates adjusted by airbags that fine-tune the wave according to flow and conditions. The wave alternates between a hole (kayak days) and green wave (surf days) according to a schedule, works year-round anywhere from 230 cfs to 3,000 cfs, and is suitable for first-time river surfers as well as experts. Two different waveshapers are available, occasionally running a hole and green wave at the same time during the spring and summer. Work on Phase II of the whitewater park is set to begin soon.